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About Us

RCIL provides relevant, creative and innovative leadership to advance the civil rights of individuals with disabilities and press for social progress that allows for all human beings to be participating members of our society.

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RCIL is a civil rights organization offering a wide range of independent living and advocacy services for and — most importantly — with people with disabilities. The basic human right of participating in society as a self-determining individual must extend to all citizens. Each of us has the capacity — and responsibility — to be a proud, contributing member of our society.

To support these goals, RCIL helps individuals of all ages and types of disability obtain the community supports and services they need to live independently. Whether this means getting an education, obtaining competitive employment, or living in one's own home, our programs are designed to provide a full spectrum of support and advocacy. RCIL staff also serves the community at large as expert consultants in the areas of barrier-free architectural design, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and disability-related policy issues.

With more than 1400 employees providing service in 28 counties in Upstate New York, the Resource Center for Independent Living (RCIL) is the largest of 37 independent living centers (ILCs) in the state and one of over 400 nationally. We believe that disability should be seen as a human experience that makes each person unique -- something to be recognized and celebrated, rather than a reason to shun and segregate one another.


What makes RCIL different?

Growing out of the disability rights movement, independent living centers were created with the explicit goal of integration and advocacy -- for example, people with disabilities comprise, at minimum, 51% of RCIL's Board of Directors, thus putting policy and advocacy decisions in the hands of the people those decisions directly impact.

At RCIL, we serve people of all ages, with all types of disabilities. Our approach is holistic, our services are comprehensive and consumer-directed and, when our staff and consumers identify areas of the system that need change, we tackle these through public policy initiatives, legislation, and advocacy. In other words, we are committed to breaking through systemic barriers in order to provide people with the basic human right to live a rich, self-directed life.


What does RCIL do?

Our core independent living center functions include peer counseling, independent living skills training, information and referral, and individual and systems advocacy.

In addition, RCIL offers a wide variety of programs and services, all focused on the central goal of expanding individual rights, options, and potential. The agency also serves the community at large as a clearinghouse for information regarding disability issues, other service providers, adaptive technology, and as an expert and consultant on the Americans with Disabilities Act and barrier-free architectural design.

Check out our Disability FAQs, learn more about RCIL's Programs and Services, or contact RCIL for more information.


How is RCIL organized?

The Independence Group is comprised of: Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) providing all services; RCIL, Inc. (Parent) Maintains committees for entire enterprise of Governance, Audit and Finance; Resource Center for Independent Living Foundation, Inc. Fundraising arm of the Parent; Columbia Place Associates - Employment Agency; At Home Independent Care, Inc. - Licensed 501 (c) (3) Home Care agency; Learning Disability Association of the Mohawk Valley, Inc. (LDAMV) 501 (c ) (3).

Always open to innovation, RCIL started the full-service staffing agency Columbia Place Associates in order to provide the community with a fresh choice for temporary and temp-to-hire employees. As a for-profit company, Columbia Place Associates is not directly associated with RCIL, but instead was developed with a unique business model. This agency, which serves companies and individuals with and without disabilities, feeds all its profits into the RCIL Foundation.

The RCIL Foundation is the fundraising arm of this family of organizations, developed as a flexible, supplemental source of funding for RCIL's existing programs and future innovations. Overseeing the RCIL Foundation and Columbia Place Associates is RCIL, Inc., which is a supporting organization involved with planning, compliance, and quality control.


RCIL's Mission

The RCIL mission is to ensure a fully accessible, integrated society that enables full participation by people with disabilities.

RCIL promotes a dynamic environment where society and the individual mutually benefit from a world with no limits. This is accomplished by promoting and achieving excellence in consumer-controlled, self-directed services in programs, education, advocacy, research, and information retrieval and dissemination. These services are self-directed and geared toward increasing awareness of an individual's rights and options as well as the various methods to achieve chosen goals.

It is fundamental that all advocacy, programming, and services ensure confidentiality, guard against exploitation, paternalism, and segregation, thus safeguarding the principle of consumer empowerment.

Core Values Statement

This organization believes that the widespread poverty, segregation, and isolation of people with disabilities is unacceptable, should not be tolerated, and requires change. We feel an obligation to make positive systemic changes through education and legislation and to provide full access, power, and self-determination to those with disabilities. With a focus on integration and assisting people to reach their greatest potential, we will support a culture that encourages risk-taking, creativity, and innovation. To address broader public policy issues, we will be committed and deliberate in speaking about the problems and obstacles faced by people with disabilities. We shall exist as an organization that on all levels abides by a living code of ethics which mandates respect, appreciation, honesty, integrity, empathy, trust, and accountability.

Your Resource for Independent Living in Central New York

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The Dorothy Smith Center
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