Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Voter Registration

Government choices affect all of us, but even more so for people who use direct services. Decades of advocacy experience tells us that legislators listen to voters. RCIL is leading discussions with legislators and senior government officials, but we can’t do it alone.

We need your help. Please register. Please vote.

Over 50 million people in the U.S. have disabilities, but only 11 million of those voters actually cast a ballot in the 2008 elections. It’s not that people with disabilities aren’t registering, it’s that they’re not voting on election day.*

What Are the Voting Deadlines?

To be eligible to vote in the 2011 elections, you must register by mail or in-person by October 14. Absentee Ballots applications are available until November 7 to apply in person for or have their ballot post-marked and until November 8 to deliver their ballot in person to their board of elections official. Click here for the New York State Board of Elections.

Where Can I Find Information About Candidates?

You can learn more about the positions and voting records of individual candidates at the federal level by visiting Project Vote Smart. Click here to visit.

For information on New York State races, candidates and issues, visit The New York State League of Women Voters website by clicking here.

Are Voting Sites Accessible?

If you’ve tried before and been frustrated by inaccessible equipment – there’s great news. The Help American Vote Act has helped site transition from the old style levers to modern, accessible equipment. The Image Cast ballot marking device and ballot scanning equipment now allows all voters to cast private independent paper ballots.

• Visual: Voters can listen to the candidate selections over headphones, or view an LCD screen with an image of their ballot that can be adjusted for size and contrast.

• Mobility: A "Sip-N-Puff" or paddle device may also be used by voters with limited hand dexterity. RCIL works closely with public officials to make all voting sites are accessible. If your site isn’t, please contact Donna Gillette at 315.797.4642 or email
We will work with the New York State Board of Elections and local officials to address any problems at your polling site.

* Disability Voter Turnout Information:American Association of Persons with Disabilities,2011

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