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Families with a child who has a disability often need information about the disability of their child, about early intervention (for babies and toddlers), school services (for school-aged children), therapy, local policies, transportation, and much more.

  • PTI's and CPRC's

    Every state has at least one Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) to offer families just this kind of information. Many states also have a Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC), which offers the same type of support and training to parents of children with disabilities.

  • Parent to Parent of New York State

    Parent to Parent of New York State builds a supportive network of families to reduce isolation and empower those who care for people with developmental disabilities or special healthcare needs to navigate and influence service systems and make informed decisions.

  • NYS Parent Centers

    Programs and services are provided for parents and families of children with disabilities by 14 parent centers located across New York State.

  • Interactive Planner for Caregivers

    A free interactive planner for caregivers and parents. It makes it easy to record schedules, medications, activities and games, emergency contacts, etc.


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