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Independant Services

Thank you for your interest in RCIL Internship Opportunities.

Internships are a great way to help you transition from going to school to starting your career, or moving to a new career. Internships help prepare you to get hired!

Looking for an internship to fulfill school curriculum requirements? Not sure what industry you want to work in? Can’t decide if you want to work out in the field or in an office? Do you want a desk job? Unsure if a large company / corporate culture is right for you? Is nonprofit a good match for you? Doing an internship can help you determine the answers to these questions (and many more!).

Oh, and don’t forget, at the end of your internship you’ll have relevant experience to add to your resume and/or portfolio! 

Internships at RCIL are unpaid, but offer valuable experience! If you would like more information about internship opportunities with RCIL, please contact our HR Recruiter at 315-797-4642.

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