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Independant Services

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Youth services are designed to encourage children and adolescents with disabilities and their families to reach their full potential, at home and in the community.

Academic Scholarship

Certified Tutor or Teacher Working With a Student

Living Independenlty is For Everyone (LIFE at RCIL) Youth Services offers Academic Scholarship funds to reimburse eligible families for the costs of hiring a certified tutor/teacher.

Academic Scholarship funds are available for individuals in 1st through 12th grades in Herkimer, and Oneida Counties who have developmental disabilities, neurological impairments, and/or other related disabilities.

A copy of your child’s letter of eligibility from OPWDD is required.


Colorful flyer with happy students doing school work

Text on flyer above:

Academic Scholarship funding is available to provide free tutoring for Herkimer and Oneida County students in first through twelfth grade who have an Individualised Education Program (IEP) and Letter of Eligibility from the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). 

Required Documentation -

  • Completed Academic Scholarship Application (allows families to apply for up to $2,000 per year)
  • Letter of eligibility from OPWDD
  • Most recent Life Plan
  • Most recent IEP
  • Verification of Teacher/Teacher Assistant certification

Once approved, the family will be responsible for hiring a certified teacher/teacher assistant of their choosing. The family will also be responsible for creating a schedule that meets their individual needs. 

Family Responsibility: All forms are required to be filled out completely before allocations can be made or any payments can be disburdes. The certified teacher/teacher assistant must sign the weekly service log and verification form each time tutoring services are provided. 

To obtain an application, call 315-797-1253 or email Evelyn CLark at 


Request more information by calling or filling out our inquiry form.

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